6 Simple and Effective Ways to Kick Ass on LinkedIn In Under 10 Minutes

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how LinkedIn can make you a god and although I was exaggerating a little, I discussed a few ways to help build your credibility on that network. Now you may have been wondering how much time you would need to become a “god” but fear not, because it is not as time consuming as you may have thought!

I had no definitive answer on how much time you needed to spend on LinkedIn but have recently come across an article in which William Arruda, a personal branding expert, says that all you really need is about 9 minutes a day to update and maintain your LinkedIn profile. JUST 9 MINUTES!!! That should be completely doable for any of you out there.

The great thing is that Arruda broke it down into 9 different activities that you could partake in during your 9 minutes on LinkedIn and although I personally do not recommend trying to do all of them during your 9 minutes, you can definitely mix and match these activities in order to fill up that short 9 minute slot. Of course, 9 minutes does not mean that you should restrict yourself to that time limit. If it takes you 15-20 minutes a day, that is completely fine but just make sure you use that extra time wisely.

I want to go into the first six activities that Arruda proposes and put my own spin on them. So buckle up as we dive deeper into some of these great suggestions.

William Arruda’s 9 activities to rock LinkedIn in 9 minutes…minus the final 3

#1 – Build Your Network.

I discussed this a little in my past post but this is truly what LinkedIn is about. Actually all social media in general is about building and maintaining relationships, so make sure that is one of the first things you think about when on LinkedIn. I also agree with Arruda in that this is also an extremely important aspect of a successful career in general.

So when on LinkedIn, make sure your main goal is to engage with others and find ways to start building your professional network, whether that be through discussions, question and answers, messaging or using other aspects of LinkedIn.

#2 – Maintain relationships by recommending and congratulating others in their careers.

It is always nice to be appreciated, so make someone feel good. If somebody you currently work with, or have worked with in the past, has done a great job, then be the one to give them that recognition. It not only helps boost morale but may also get that person to continue with their hard work and effort. Oh, not to mention that you must give in order to receive…

#3 – Request recommendations from your network as credibility is critical.

Recommendations are instant credibility, or at least as long as they come from a respectable source. They work for individuals in a similar way that they do for brands…people want to purchase from a company that has high reviews and great recommendations. Similarly, people want to hire or work with others that have been given high praise for their work and character.

For example, if you were having a plumbing issue, would you rather listen to someone that claims to be a plumbing expert or would you rather look at a service like the Michael’s Valley Plumbing Service Pros, Inc. identifies leak detection, which has been recommended by others and recognized as being one of the best plumbing services in the area? Point proven.

#4 – Document achievements and wins on your LinkedIn profile to stay current and relevant.

People want to know what you are all about. What have you achieved in your life? What have you accomplished? Have you ever done something that will blow them away? This, along with the recommendations, are another way to provide people with some social proof. If you have achieved something within your industry, whether big or small, make sure you let others know about it. Be proud of your accomplishments and use it as a bragging point…just don’t get too cocky, no one likes that!

#5 – Update your status every day and make sure your profile and photo is current.

The profile and photo thing should be a no brainer. Have a current and at least somewhat professional photo of yourself, and just yourself, along with updated profile details.

I used to actually update my LinkedIn status often but now only do it once a week, and that is when I share my new weekly blog post. I think once a day or at least a few times a week is most definitely a good thing, and something I need to get back to. Use this area to share your blog content, other content you find online or anything else that you feel is relevant to your professional career and industry. Remember, that content curation is a great way to mold yourself into looking like an expert in your field.

#6 – Expand on your thought leadership; lead a forum or LinkedIn group; publish an article; start a blog; speak publicly or recommend books on the Amazon LinkedIn app.

Finding ways to grow as a thought leader is extremely important. Being a thought leader means you are considered somewhat of an expert and being an expert means you could be influential. There are many ways you can help yourself in making this push, but a few ways I recommend are starting a blog and sharing your posts on LinkedIn through your status, sharing those posts with relevant groups, participating and engaging within those groups and actively answering questions in the Q&A section.

I do agree with Arruda that doing speaking events and inperson networking is key to helping you grow your personal brand, and LinkedIn can even help with that. Use the LinkedIn groups and the people you connect with to find speaking opportunities as well as learn about upcoming networking events. Get yourself out there, meet new people and spread your thoughts and ideas!

In Conclusion,

William Arruda provided some great activity suggestions for you to explore while on LinkedIn, and all of these can be done with very little needed time. As long as you consistently spend a few minutes a day maintaining and updating your LinkedIn profile, you are bound to grow your professional network.

Your Turn: Please use the comment section below to let us know what techniques and activities you partake in on LinkedIn and how they have been working out for you. If you are just getting started on LinkedIn, which of the above activities are you excited to start implementing first?

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Great post, Anand. I know I need to become more active on LinkedIn...I started by updating my profile, but I need to reach out and connect to more people.

anandp29 moderator

 @JacobPLLC Thanks! Trust me, it's easier said then done. I try to stay active on LinkedIn but I always have many dead periods...need to be more consistent