6 Tools That Can Help You Look Like An Expert In Your Field

In this online world full of social media and influence identifiers such as Klout, people have realized that it has become a little bit easier to start getting recognition as an expert within their industry. Of course in order to be considered an influencer, you need to prove that you know your area of expertise and get others to believe it so much that they listen to every word you speak.

The best way to prove that you know your industry is by sharing original thoughts and ideas through a blog or your social media profiles but you also need some assistance in becoming a so-called thought leader. This assistance comes in the form of content curation…which is basically the sharing of great and relevant content that you have come across.

Here are 6 tools/tips that can help you become a content sharing master!

#1 – Keep your favorite blogs on lock down.

The best place to find content that you care about is on some of your favorite blogs, so round up a list of your favorite blogs that are relevant to your topic of focus and set up some sort of automated alerts.

There are 2 ways you can stay updated with these blogs:

  1. Subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed and set it up within an RSS tool such as Google Reader. Now you have a place where you can organize all of your favorite blogs and keep track of any posts that seem share worthy.
  2. Subscribe to the blog by email and get the new posts sent directly to your inbox. This is good if you do not want to worry about the hassle of checking an RSS reader and if you are okay with receiving emails every time a new post has been made.

Helpful tip: Try mentioning the author’s social media profile in order to bring attention to the fact that you are sharing their work. If they notice your interest in their content, they may in turn check out your blog and begin sharing your content with their network.

#2 – Take advantage of your Twitter community.

How many of you are following others in your area of expertise, whether they are top influencers or not? The goal of social media is to build relationships and create engagements, and one way to do this is by retweeting and sharing your network’s interesting tweets.

If you are currently following others in your industry, you are bound to have seen them tweet interesting information or links to content within your industry. Check out what they are sharing and if it interests you…retweet it! They are putting the content right in front of you face, so take advantage of this.

What about all the people sharing relevant content that you are not currently following?

You can find all this amazing content by using Twitter’s search feature or using a 3rd party app like Hootsuite to set up keyword search streams. For example, I have a search stream that tracks #socialmedia and this allows me to find all the cool content being shared on Twitter that is stamped with a #socialmedia hashtag.

#3 – StumbleUpon some content.

I love StumbleUpon! It is a great resource for finding content that is worth sharing as well as a great tool for building traffic to your own blog. I am not going to go into the details of how to use StumbleUpon but mainly point out how it is a great way to discover new content. You can input your interests and StumbleUpon will show you content that matches these interests. You then “stumble” through all this content until you find something that interests you. You can like the pages that interest you and dislike the ones that are not relevant, allowing StumbleUpon to really hone in on what content they should be sharing with you. Also you can share straight from the page if you have the StumbleUpon toolbar downloaded…makes thing quick and simple!

#4 – Google Alert yourself.

This is somewhat similar to a Twitter search but covers the whole internet. You can set up Google Alerts for specific keywords or phrases and have them sent directly to your email or to your Google Reader. This will scour the internet and find all websites, articles, images and blog posts that are associated with the search terms that you set up. Once again, this will provide you with tons of content that you will be able to share with your social media communities.

#5 – Staying on “top” of new content: Alltop and Topsy.

Although these two resources are not exactly the same, they both do a great job at helping you find some top quality content.

Alltop basically curates some of the best content from around the web and presents in to you in a directory format.

Topsy on the other hand is a search tool that allows you to search for specific topics throughout the social web.

Both tools can be used to discover interesting content for you to share among your community.

#6 – LinkedIn Groups.

My final content resource is LinkedIn, more specifically the groups within LinkedIn. There are tons of groups within LinkedIn, and  there will most likely be some that relate to your topic of interest. Join them and take part in the community. The great thing is that many of the group members will share interesting blog posts and articles that they find across the web. You can then read to see if these blog posts make sense for you to share, and if they do, go ahead and share the wealth with your other social media networks.

In Conclusion,

Although it will be your personal thoughts and ideas that will help you excel as a true thought leader, great content curation will add another layer to your personal branding. Not only does it prove your area of expertise, but it allows others to see how active you are with that specific industry and all those involved. Great content curation comes from great content, which can sometimes be hard to find. Using the 6 tools and resources suggested above, finding quality content may just be that much easier!

Do you have some sort of content curation plan in place? If so, what tools do you use and is there any specific strategy that you follow?

Helpful Tip: Stop worrying about being an “expert” and focus on learning as much as you can.


  1. […] I used to actually update my LinkedIn status often but now only do it once a week, and that is when I share my new weekly blog post. I think once a day or at least a few times a week is most definitely a good thing, and something I need to get back to. Use this area to share your blog content, other content you find online or anything else that you feel is relevant to your professional career and industry. Remember, that content curation is a great way to mold yourself into looking like an expert in your field. […]