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4 “Must Follow” Online Reputation Management Tips

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As much as we all love the internet and how important it has become, there is no doubting the fact that it has also opened up way too many doors. People can find out more about you now than ever before…it’s actually kind of creepy. And although social media is a great way for you to stay connected with your friends and family, it’s also provides an easy way for others to see what you are up to. Others can now see what you are reading online, what music you are listening to and even where you are. It’s the world wide web and we are all now connected somehow.
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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter To Build Your Personal Brand


How many of you are already on Twitter? It’s a growing networks and more and more people seem to be joining everyday but there are still so many that are against it. That’s completely fine, I also was against joining at one point. First of all, it’s just another profile you have to manage and maintain…do you really have time for that extra work? It’s already hard enough watching over your Facebook account – you have to make sure people don’t tag you in horrible pictures, wish people happy birthday, leave funny yet random comments on your friend’s page, and of course you have to creep around and see what people are doing with their lives! Most importantly, the biggest reason not to join Twitter is because your life is just not that interesting right? I always used to say that same thing. Why in the world do people want to know what I’m eating for breakfast or how my experience in the crapper went? I barely even change my status on Facebook, what makes you think that I’m going to tweet often? Although these are all valid points, there is a lot more to Twitter than meets the eye. Just like I suggested that you should start blogging, I am also going to give you 4 reasons for why you should get yourself on Twitter and actively use it.

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Livefyre Shows How To Do Social Monitoring and Customer Service Correctly


If you have ever heard anyone talk about social media marketing, you most likely have been told about how important it is to monitor your brand and engage with your audience. People have always discussed brands online and offline but now we have the technology to track all of these conversations and somewhat contain them…this is why the social media boom has been such a huge deal. Whether a customer says a nice comment about your company or product, or a bad one, you now have the opportunity to respond to this in the correct manner and take control of the situation. The overall concept is pretty neat – you have the power to control what people think of your brand (I have already wrote about why social media monitoring is important for businesses on the Creative Intellects blog).

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Why You Should Be Blogging


I decided to start off my brand new blog with a post on why YOU should be blogging. I have been involved in the online marketing world for a few years now (so I’m fairly new) and have always opted against creating my own personal blog. So as Chris Brown would say – Look at me now! I’ve set up shop with my own personal blog with the hopes to feed you informative gibberish that will keep your entertained. There is a reason why I decided to create this blog and it is the same reason why I am suggesting that you start blogging also.

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