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Education Service Agreements

FIT will not charge for its business and overhead expenses, be reimbursed or paid; The allowance for all these expenses and overheads is included in the capita tax. Business expenses and overheads include, but are not limited to, rent, incidentals, equipment, inventory, head office staff, pay slips, vehicles, business travel and other expenses incurred in operating the Academy. To the extent that TRG has purchased and has been responsible for the fees charged to the Academy or provides services, FIT has no mark-up on the costs of such goods and services. The salaries of FIT employees who are not attached to the Academy are the sole responsibility of the FIT. G. Other organs. The Academy acknowledges that TRG may enter into similar management agreements with other public or private educational institutions or institutions (“Institutions”). The FIT maintains separate accounts for reimbursable expenses incurred on behalf of the Academy and other institutions and invoices the Academy only for expenses incurred on behalf of the Academy. If the FIT creates authorized reimbursable expenses on behalf of the Academy and other institutions that are not able to allow a precise allocation between the Academy and these institutions, the FIT will apportion these costs among all these institutions and the Academy in proportion to the number of students enrolled in the Academy and the institutions, to the extent permitted by applicable law. or on another cheap basis acceptable to the parties.

All grants or donations received by the Academy or the TRG for a particular benefit of the Academy are exclusively intended for the Academy. . . .