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Generic Trailer Interchange Agreement

A trailer exchange contract is a contract that arranges the transfer of a goods transported between the parties to ensure that it arrives at the indicated destination. In the trucking industry, it is common for truckers to use other trailers in their business. A trailer exchange contract is required when a freight trailer is transported by various trucking and trucking companies on its way to final delivery. The exchange of trailers is the most frequent with the Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA). 2 TRAILER INTERCHANGE ACCORD THIS ACCORD is concluded from and between (“Carrier”) and (User). In light of the reciprocal commitments of the parties, as stated here, it is agreed that trailers, trailers leased or controlled (“equipment”) may be replaced under the following conditions. 1. Equipment. The term equipment as used here refers to all trailers that are owner, leased or controlled by carriers.

2. Exchange points. The specific points of exchange are located on the points agreed by mutual agreement between the parties. At the time of the exchange, an authorized representative of each party performs, in several copies, as requested by the parties, a voucher for exchange and an inspection according to the terms prescribed by the carrier. 3. Use and return. The user agrees that the equipment should only be used for transportation, unless the carrier has decided otherwise, in a timely and timely manner and in a timely manner to return the equipment to the carrier in the city and at the terminal. The user is responsible for the safe and timely return of the device to the carrier, with the exception of the usual wear and tear. The user agrees not to exchange the devices received from Carrier with third parties. 4. User responsibilities. The user assumes responsibility for all owners and their rented aggregates, as if they were the user`s personnel and vehicles.

Correct identification on tractors is mandatory and a user obligation. The user has complete control and control of these devices, and these devices must be operated under his or her authority while in his or her possession, and the carrier has no right to control the details of the work of an employee or agent who operates or uses these devices during this period. Anyone who has signed an inspection report after signing an inspection report and who, until the appropriate form is signed for the return of the aircraft to the carrier, is not the carrier`s agent or personnel for any purpose. 5. Taxes. The user bears the costs of all federal, regional or communal taxes, fines, taxes collected or collected or arising from the use of the device while in his possession, until his return to the carrier. 6. Compensation. The user undertakes to exempt, defend and avoid any loss, damage, liability, cost or cost, including legal fees incurred or incurred in connection with injuries, or 2 A Trailer Interchange Agreement, holds the motor vehicle – the trucker that carries the trailer – responsible for any material damage to the trailer.