How Life Is Better When You Wake Up Earlier

What time do you usually wake up in the morning? Actually let me rephrase that, how many hours before you actually need to start “work” do you wake up? If you are not giving yourself an hour or two of free time in the morning, then you are truly missing out! I am by far not a morning person! I never want to get out of bed, I like to give myself an extra 15-30 minutes of snooze time, and I feel tired and grumpy once I am finally up on my feet. I may be the wrong person to preach this but the days that I do wake up early and give myself a few hours of “free time” feel amazing!

Have you ever woken up early and felt as if you have way much more time during the day to do things? Or maybe the opposite, where you have woken up at noon and the day just flies by? If you have ever experienced one of these moments, you may just understand how important every hour of the day can be.

So now you are up at 5-6-or 7 am in the morning (depending on what is considered early for you), so what can you do with all this free time you have created?

Shower. No, I’m serious…make sure you are fresh before trying to get things done otherwise you will feel all groggy and end up being pretty unproductive. Plus it’s always better to smell good 🙂

Now that you are fresh, it is time to get to work, so how many of you have specific blogs or magazines that you like to keep up with? Well this is the perfect time to get a good chunk of your reading done. If you’re anything like me, you will have 10-15 blogs/websites that you subscribe to daily and although I do not always read everything, there ends up being a lot of articles to read! To keep everything more organized, it is best to have all of these feeds connected to some sort of RSS reader or tool and I do this by using Microsoft Outlook’s RSS reader, although I do plan to switch back to Google Reader pretty soon.

This extra time in the morning gives you that 30 minutes to an hour that you need in order to keep on top of your daily reading, whether that be blogs or a book. All of this reading not only keeps you informed and educated, but hopefully provides you with some inspiration, so you can improve your site and your finances as well whether being with marketing or by trade fx on VT markets in France as this is a great way to invest and make money as well.

Feeling inspired? Did you get some neat ideas from some of the blog posts that you read or the comments that were left? Good, because now is the perfect time to get some blogging in.

Let’s assume that it is still only 7 or 8 am, meaning most people are still either drooling all over their pillow or just now hopping into the shower. What does that mean for you? You are, for the most part, free of any disturbances! There is no one to send you text messages, tweets or IMs…you are in a place of solitude. With that being said, you are now free to start jotting down words and begin building a solid blog post! Everybody has their own blogging routine, so I will not go into details about that, but waking up early has opened up a nice hour or so window for you to start building quality content for your blog or any guest posts you may have planned. This has to be somewhat exciting right?

Okay so you’re not really a blogger, that is totally okay. Time is amazing in that you can do so many different things with it. For example, let me quickly list out a few things you could do with your extra time:

  • Create a to-do list: Most days can be extremely hectic and there is always so much going on. Start your day off by figuring out exactly what needs to be done and the order of importance. This way you are not wasting time trying to get your things together and figuring out what to do next.
  • Check your email and all other messages: How much of your time is spent checking emails during the day? Going through all your emails in the morning will not help you against all the emails you get throughout the work day, but it will at least help clear up your inbox and address any issues that may have been brought up through an email.
  • Get involved with online communities: I work in the social media field so I attempt to stay involved with communities within LinkedIn Groups and Quora, so this is a great time for me to browse through the communities and engage with other memebers. If you are involved with any online communities, use this time to check out the recent activity, respond to any questions or comments and get involved.
  • Use the extra time to work: This is particularly important for those who are starting or running their own business, but this extra morning time can be used to get work done. I guess this will no longer be considered “free time” but just an earlier start to your work day!
  • Get some exercise: If you have no reason to do any of the above ideas, you could always use the morning time to get some exercise or go to the gym. This is a great way to stay fit and healthy without removing a nice chunk of time during the prime hours.

Those are just some ideas of what you could do with a few extra hours, but there are plenty of things you could take care of. Each person has their own way of life and their own things that they are involved with, so figure out how to use this extra time to your own personal advantage. But here is the first and hardest step: wake up and get out of bed!

Do you wake up early? If so, what do you do with that extra time? If not but you plan to, what do you hope to use these extra hours for?