Livefyre Shows How To Do Social Monitoring and Customer Service Correctly

If you have ever heard anyone talk about social media marketing, you most likely have been told about how important it is to monitor your brand and engage with your audience. People have always discussed brands online and offline but now we have the technology to track all of these conversations and somewhat contain them…this is why the social media boom has been such a huge deal. Whether a customer says a nice comment about your company or product, or a bad one, you now have the opportunity to respond to this in the correct manner and take control of the situation. The overall concept is pretty neat – you have the power to control what people think of your brand (I have already wrote about why social media monitoring is important for businesses on the Creative Intellects blog).

About a month and half ago, I was trying to figure out which commenting system was the better choice, Disqus of Livefyre. I had tweeted the question and also posted it on LinkedIn Answers, but unfortunately people seemed to be split down the middle about which option is the best choice. They both have similar features and do a good job helping to increase blog interaction, and this is why I was confused about which to use. Can you tell which one I ended up picking? 😉

I still have no idea which one is better and what the real difference is between the two but I picked Livefyre because they were able to “convince” me.

Right away, on LinkedIn and Twitter, I received replies from Livefyre representatives giving me a quick briefing about the benefits of their product and why it is a great commenting tool to use. Notice how both ended by letting me know that I could reach out to them with any questions that I may have had? They approached me in a welcoming way yet were still able to push their main point across…use our product.

Like I said, I still do not know which commenting system is better but I picked Livefyre because they made the effort to help me figure it out. This type of social monitoring can not only help you find potential customers that have questions, but will allow you to find out the pros and cons of your company and products as well as initiate customer service right away if a customer has had a bad experience. As I was searching for Reputation Management Case Studies Chicago for my marketing company, I stumbled across this ORM Case study for a company in Chicago.

It is amazing how a simple response can change the mind of a potential customer. I think I may have actually gone with Disqus had it not been for the great customer service by the Livefyre crew. With that being said, have you had any good or bad experiences with social customer service? And how has it changed your way of thought?