Malindo Air Interline Agreements

The most disorganized flights I`ve ever had. Positive: In-flight meals. Negatives: Got said luggage would go directly to Bali origin in Nepal. Wait for jarkata baggage check only in case. I`m sure our luggage is coming out. The transfer to the inland terminal was almost impossible as we received no information and our flight number completely changed. All of a sudden it`s Batikluft not Malindo that has a completely different terminal. He won`t travel with Malindo. “Through our interline partnership, we are partnering with travellers with a larger network to visit Malaysia and enjoy the famous Malaysian hospitality thanks to its varied and warm culture, as well as our ecotourism. At the same time, it will also increase the number of passengers in transit at KLIA. Our extensive network offers better options for passengers travelling for both activities and leisure activities,” added Mr. Chandran. After Turkish Airline, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Oman Air, ANA is the fifth complement to Malindo Air`s Interline partners.

The new bilateral interline agreement allows smooth travel with the comfort of a single booking on the global network of the two airlines. The partnership allows ANA passengers to operate Malindo Air`s expanding regional network from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Malindo Air currently serves more than 46 cities in 16 countries, including 13 major airports in Malaysia. “Such airports encourage airlines to operate there,” he says. “Unfortunately, Malaysia has not concluded bilateral approval agreements for these destinations for our airlines. Geographically, Malaysia is better placed than Singapore and Thailand to serve India in terms of shorter flight times with better connectivity. We should make capital out of it. Over the past four months, Malindo has set up Interlines with Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. It is currently implementing an Interline agreement with Oman Air and is expected to have seven interlines in place by the end of 2016. Please read the information below carefully if you need clarification, please contact our ticket office and reservation or email us at The airline currently has codeshare agreements with Turkish Airlines and Batik Air and has Interline partnerships with All Nippon Airways, Etihad Airways, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish and Xiamen Air. He said the Interline partnership will connect travelers from a larger network to visit Malaysia.

He said the Interline agreement will increase the number of transit passengers at KLIA and contribute to the airport`s operations. The agreement will benefit both business and leisure passengers. The airline has direct connections with several other airlines, including Lion Air Group and Firefly, a company that had previously merged with Malindo Air. They have also entered into interline agreements with several other companies, such as Etihad Airways, Oman Air and All Nippon Airways. In order to increase the number of flights they can serve, they have codeshare agreements with two international airlines: Batik Air and Turkish Airlines. Malindo Airways Sdn Bhd and All Nippon Airways Co Ltd (ANA) have entered into an interline partnership to enable passengers of both airlines to travel smoothly and expand their destinations within the Asean countries. On the code-sharing and interline front, Chandran says Malindo is in talks with three other airlines to expand its stable of airline partners.