Reasons Why You Should Instagram Your Personality, Not Your Resume

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Instagram was recently sold for a billion dollars and has now hit 80 million users after becoming available on both Android and iPhone. It’s obviously extremely popular and makes even some of the most bland pictures look interesting.

Who would of thought that new technology would be used to get old-style results?
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An Important Personal Branding Lesson You Can Learn From Rapper 2 Chainz

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Okay first of all, let me start by giving a quick background on 2 Chainz…just in case you are not familiar with him. He is a rapper (real name, Tauheed Epps) that used to be one half of the hip hop duo, Playaz Circle, who were a part of Ludacris’ recording label, Disturbing tha Peace. He has just released his debut studio album Based on a T.R.U. Story, with the first single being No Lie featuring Drake.
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4 “Must Follow” Online Reputation Management Tips

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As much as we all love the internet and how important it has become, there is no doubting the fact that it has also opened up way too many doors. People can find out more about you now than ever before…it’s actually kind of creepy. And although social media is a great way for you to stay connected with your friends and family, it’s also provides an easy way for others to see what you are up to. Others can now see what you are reading online, what music you are listening to and even where you are. It’s the world wide web and we are all now connected somehow.
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The Top Tools to Help You Find Blogs That Actually Matter

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By now, it is no secret that you really need to get involved with your industry and topic of interest if you plan to build your personal brand around that area. The more involved you are with the industry, the more you will learn and the more people will begin to recognize you.

Just recently I discussed why blog commenting is important and ways in which to help you with it but I also stated that the first step is to find and follow blogs that are relevant to your interests and your targeted industry. Commenting on these selected blogs will not only help bring back traffic to your own blog and website but will more importantly, help get your face and name out there to the correct people. This is why it is important to search for blogs that have an audience that matches the type of readers you are looking for. Luckily I am going to share with you a few tools that can help make your search a little easier!
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Why Pinterest Says More About You Than You Think

By now you probably all know what Pinterest is and have already begun pinning on multiple boards. It was one of the biggest crazes to hit social media, and although the buzz has somewhat died down, it is still a flourishing and highly used network. Just a few short months after gaining its popularity, Pinterest became one of the top referral sources for blogs and websites and instantly was a tool people had to use to promote their websites.

The way that Pinterest works, for those who are not as familiar with it, is that you “pin” images and videos from around the web and place them on boards that you create within your profile. The best way to explain this is most likely through an example, so I have a board on my Pinterest profile called “Sports” and therefore it is a pretty broad topic. You could get really specific with boards if you wish, for example I could break down my “Sports” board into specific sports and leagues such as “NBA” or “Basketball”, or I could even break it down by your favorite teams. The way you organize and setup your boards is really dependent on you and your preference.
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Is Content Really King?

As a huge sports fan that spends each day in the social media and blogging world, this post had to be made. It is a great day for the Miami Heat and LeBron James but they still have much more work to do so that they can start filling up those fingers!

6 Tips on How and Why to Comment Like a Pro

If you are reading this blog post, I want you to make sure that you leave a comment once you are done reading…don’t forget! Actually more than forgetting, don’t get lazy! Commenting seems like such a simple and small act but it can bring you so many amazing benefits. If you don’t believe me, you are perfect for this post. At the end of of this I hope you leave excited and enthused to start leaving comments all over the web…or well smart comments at least.

First you need to start by reading and following some blogs that you find relevant to you and your interests. If you read ESPN but want to be known in a sector of the finance field, then commenting on ESPN will not exactly help. Read ESPN or other personal treat blogs in your free time but focus and start off with 2 to 5 industry related blogs that you find interesting and enjoyable. These are the blogs that you need to become more involved with in order to get noticed and start building or adding on to that personal brand of yours.
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6 Simple and Effective Ways to Kick Ass on LinkedIn In Under 10 Minutes

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how LinkedIn can make you a god and although I was exaggerating a little, I discussed a few ways to help build your credibility on that network. Now you may have been wondering how much time you would need to become a “god” but fear not, because it is not as time consuming as you may have thought!

I had no definitive answer on how much time you needed to spend on LinkedIn but have recently come across an article in which William Arruda, a personal branding expert, says that all you really need is about 9 minutes a day to update and maintain your LinkedIn profile. JUST 9 MINUTES!!! That should be completely doable for any of you out there.
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How The Way You Write Can Affect The Rest Of Your Life

I hate writing and always have. Throughout high school and college, I dreaded English and Writing classes because I just did not care for them. It just didn’t make sense to me, I am a math person so why in the world would I ever need to know how to write exceptionally well. I was always at least a B student in my English/Writing classes, so that should be good enough to get me through the rest of my life right?

Actually the answer to that question is probably yes, but it sure would have been advantageous to be an A student and have above average writing skills.

Whether you notice it or not, writing plays a huge role in this new social media, internet savvy world. Your writing has always helped represent who you are and what you know, but now millions of people have access to it. Did you even realize that? Every blog post, Facebook comment, status update, tweet and Quora answer will end up being a representation of who you are. Even the way you fill in your profiles help to give a preview of your overall image.
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6 Tools That Can Help You Look Like An Expert In Your Field

In this online world full of social media and influence identifiers such as Klout, people have realized that it has become a little bit easier to start getting recognition as an expert within their industry. Of course in order to be considered an influencer, you need to prove that you know your area of expertise and get others to believe it so much that they listen to every word you speak.

The best way to prove that you know your industry is by sharing original thoughts and ideas through a blog or your social media profiles but you also need some assistance in becoming a so-called thought leader. This assistance comes in the form of content curation…which is basically the sharing of great and relevant content that you have come across.
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