Reasons Why You Should Instagram Your Personality, Not Your Resume

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Instagram was recently sold for a billion dollars and has now hit 80 million users after becoming available on both Android and iPhone. It’s obviously extremely popular and makes even some of the most bland pictures look interesting.

Who would of thought that new technology would be used to get old-style results?

Either way, Instagram is being used by millions of people everyday to take random pictures of their food, their families and the cool places they visit. So how can you take advantage of this visual boom and best use it for your personal branding?

Make it Personal Not Boring

Although I usually advise you to use social media and other tools to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, I prefer using Instagram for a more fun and easy-going purpose.

There is more to a person than what they do and where they work, and Instagram is a great tool to use to help demonstrate that. It’s true that nobody on Twitter really cares what you ate for dinner but it’s surprisingly more appealing when you present it in a visual form. That’s the beauty of Instagram. You can take the most casual and regular pictures, yet somehow make them look so much cooler!

But let me get back to the point, Instagram is a great way to show the other, non-work side of your personality. Show off the amazing people in your life, the cool places you get to visit, the yummy food and drinks you take down, and all the other cool things that make you who you are.

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Work Life Comes Second

There are going to be images and pictures that you take that involve your professional life, such as photos from work events or fun with coworkers but your focus should not be on revolving your Instagram strategy around your professional life. It should be a free flowing story of the path your life takes and the random yet cool things you see along the way…yes, it should be that cheesy.

In Conclusion,

You can definitely use Instagram to prove yourself as a thought leader but the visual aspect allows you to showcase more than just your professional expertise. Take advantage of Instagram’s large community and awesome old-fashioned filters to showcase your personality and the amazing things that happen in your life!

Your turn: What is the coolest Instagram picture that you have ever taken?

Customer Service Resume
Customer Service Resume

You're right, you shouldn't use Instagram for your resume. Resume is something professional, not a graphic design.

rn resume
rn resume

I too agree with you that resume should be professional and have all the points required for the job. There should be specific personal detailing as it is not required by the company at the time of interview.