Sekiro Agreement

First Dispute Resolution: Activision`s customer service is available by phone (310) 255-2050) or on the Internet, to account for the product. Most of the concerns are quickly resolved to the satisfaction of our customers. The parties do their best to resolve disputes, claims, issues or disputes directly through fair consultation and negotiation, a precondition for the subpoena of an appeal or arbitration proceeding. A. Activision grants you a personal, non-exclusive license for the use of the product for your non-commercial use. This license to use the product is not transferable within the maximum limit allowed by law. You cannot rent, rent, lend, sell, resell or sublicensing the product. You can`t copy, decompose, decompose, try to extract, modify or create works derived from the product (unless this license and other applicable conditions or rules of use expressly permit it) copy, decompose, decompose, disassemble, create, update or share product-derived works (except to the extent permitted by applicable legislation or to the extent that licensing conditions for the use of open source components contained in the licensed application are permitted). You may not remove or modify the trademarks or logos of Activision or its licensees or the legal indications contained in the product or related assets. Any attempt to use the product in violation of the terms of this Agreement is a violation of the rights of Activision and its licensees.

The terms and conditions of this Agreement govern all upgrades provided by Activision that replace and/or complete the product, unless such an upgrade is accompanied by a separate (and/or updated) agreement, in which case the terms of this Agreement apply. This agreement represents the entire agreement and agreement between you and Activision and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, written or oral, relating to the issues contained in it. We may give you all or part of this agreement at any time without notice. You cannot cede the agreement or transfer rights to use the services. one. For U.S. residents, in Mexico or Canada, then you are with Activision Publishing, Inc., 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405-3032 and all claims arising from this agreement (including interpretation, infringement claim, and any other claims (including consumer protection, unfair competition and illicit claims) are subject to Delaware state laws, without reference to conflict rules. When a court or arbitrator finds that, for whatever reason, the above -right “class action waiver” paragraph is null or void, or that an arbitration procedure may be made on the basis of a class, all claims arising from this agreement (including interpretation, infringement claims, and all other claims (including consumer protection, unfair competition and unlawful claims) are decided in accordance with the laws of the state in which you were subject at the time of obtaining or purchasing the product to which the citizen is subject. In addition, you and we irrevocably agree with the exclusive jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the state or federal courts of Los Angeles County, California, to resolve all claims subject to arbitration agreement exceptions described above in BINDING ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER or otherwise classified as unconstitutional.

v. It is a registered or unregistered or unregistered or trademark-like trademark; ACTIVISION – ACTIVISION – ACTIVISION .