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The Basics Of Creating A Personal Blog Using WordPress

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If you want to start a blog, one of the most recommended software to use is WordPress. WordPress, by far, is the most popular and the most preferred blog platform of choice in the worldwide web because it is quite easy to set-up and very user friendly. To get started with your blog, simply follow the steps below and enjoy blogging everyday.

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How To Grow Your Blog Traffic By 400%…Or Not


How many blog posts have you read that try to teach you fool proof tactics that will help grow your blog’s traffic and subscribers by large amounts? Come on be honest, there are hundreds of them out there on some very popular blog sites. There are posts that list some great tactics you could use to increase blog traffic, easy steps to build blog traffic or ways for how to increase traffic and subscribers by a crazy percentage, but unfortunately this is not one of those posts. This post is about how I believe that all those other blog posts do have a ton of useful tactics and tips, but are all mixed with a lot of b.s.
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Why In The World I Compare Bloggers to Rappers


Tupac and Eminem may just be the two greatest bloggers of all-time and you definitely do not want to let Kanye West into his zone because he will out blog you any day. Okay, maybe I am just blowing this topic out of proportion but there are still many important similarities between rappers and bloggers. Hint: It is not that they both have diamond encrusted grills in their mouths.
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Why You Should Be Blogging


I decided to start off my brand new blog with a post on why YOU should be blogging. I have been involved in the online marketing world for a few years now (so I’m fairly new) and have always opted against creating my own personal blog. So as Chris Brown would say – Look at me now! I’ve set up shop with my own personal blog with the hopes to feed you informative gibberish that will keep your entertained. There is a reason why I decided to create this blog and it is the same reason why I am suggesting that you start blogging also.

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