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Is Content Really King?


As a huge sports fan that spends each day in the social media and blogging world, this post had to be made. It is a great day for the Miami Heat and LeBron James but they still have much more work to do so that they can start filling up those fingers!

6 Tools That Can Help You Look Like An Expert In Your Field


In this online world full of social media and influence identifiers such as Klout, people have realized that it has become a little bit easier to start getting recognition as an expert within their industry. Of course in order to be considered an influencer, you need to prove that you know your area of expertise and get others to believe it so much that they listen to every word you speak.

The best way to prove that you know your industry is by sharing original thoughts and ideas through a blog or your social media profiles but you also need some assistance in becoming a so-called thought leader. This assistance comes in the form of content curation…which is basically the sharing of great and relevant content that you have come across.
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