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UX Is Not Just For Software


If you’re part of the tech world, you have heard of and know what user experience (UX) is. More importantly, you know how important it is to the success of your product. Poor user experience can lead to user frustration, increase in support requests, lack of engagement and higher churn rates. All in all, it can result in doom for your product. This is why product managers, developers and designers work hard to optimize the user experience. For onboarding, this means getting the user to the “aha moment” as quickly as possible, and for retention, it means making it easy to to achieve the key actions and decreasing the feature clutter. The goal is always user happiness because user happiness means increase in usage, increase in users and increase in the moolah, baby.

Unfortunately, it seems as if many non-software companies lose sight of user (customer) experience. It may not be as easy to track or capture data on overall user experience but it is just as important for any company trying to keep customers engaged and happy. Continue reading →