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6 Simple and Effective Ways to Kick Ass on LinkedIn In Under 10 Minutes

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Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how LinkedIn can make you a god and although I was exaggerating a little, I discussed a few ways to help build your credibility on that network. Now you may have been wondering how much time you would need to become a “god” but fear not, because it is not as time consuming as you may have thought!

I had no definitive answer on how much time you needed to spend on LinkedIn but have recently come across an article in which William Arruda, a personal branding expert, says that all you really need is about 9 minutes a day to update and maintain your LinkedIn profile. JUST 9 MINUTES!!! That should be completely doable for any of you out there.
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LinkedIn Can Make You A God


How many of you are extremely active on Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest but let your LinkedIn profile dry and rot with absolutely no activity at all? Scratch that, how many of you even have a LinkedIn profile? How about a LinkedIn profile that is up-to-date and complete? Unfortunately, LinkedIn tends to sometimes become the forgotten child in the social media world but can also be the most powerful…in a fictional world it would be Harry Potter or Matilda.
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