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Why Pinterest Says More About You Than You Think


By now you probably all know what Pinterest is and have already begun pinning on multiple boards. It was one of the biggest crazes to hit social media, and although the buzz has somewhat died down, it is still a flourishing and highly used network. Just a few short months after gaining its popularity, Pinterest became one of the top referral sources for blogs and websites and instantly was a tool people had to use to promote their websites.

The way that Pinterest works, for those who are not as familiar with it, is that you “pin” images and videos from around the web and place them on boards that you create within your profile. The best way to explain this is most likely through an example, so I have a board on my Pinterest profile called “Sports” and therefore it is a pretty broad topic. You could get really specific with boards if you wish, for example I could break down my “Sports” board into specific sports and leagues such as “NBA” or “Basketball”, or I could even break it down by your favorite teams. The way you organize and setup your boards is really dependent on you and your preference.
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Pinterest: The New Big Deal


In my post last week, I referred to Pinterest as the new hot topic and hinted that I should probably join in on all the fun and write my own post about the new social phenomenon. Well here it is!

First let’s dive into what Pinterest is, because although most of you have probably already heard of it or are currently addicted to it, there are many who are unaware of this new network. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard in which you can “pin” images and videos – it is basically a huge image sharing website! Users create boards related to specific topics and from there pin or repin content onto these related boards. It really is like having gigantic pinboards that you can use to display magazine cutouts.
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