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Twitter Is For Building Relationships, Dummy


I want to start by saying that I do not mean to call you a dummy in a rude way, especially if you do use Twitter to build relationships. I have just come across so many individuals that do not take full advantage of Twitter and its magnificent powers. Twitter is a social media network, this is true, but each network has its own individual characteristics. You use LinkedIn differently than you would Facebook and the same goes for Twitter. If you are using Twitter as a channel to quickly respond to friends without the message being as public as it would on Facebook, then you are truly underestimating what Twitter is all about.
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5 Simple Twitter Tips


Going on a 10 day trip really throws things off. Not only did I miss a few weeks of blogging, but now it is just really difficult to get back into the routine. Either way, I’m going to attempt to get back on track and share with you some tips that you can use to take advantage of Twitter. I already gave you some reasons to why you should use Twitter (hopefully it persuaded you), but now I want to give some quick, helpful tips on how to use Twitter and get the most out of it.
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