The Basics Of Creating A Personal Blog Using WordPress

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If you want to start a blog, one of the most recommended software to use is WordPress. WordPress, by far, is the most popular and the most preferred blog platform of choice in the worldwide web because it is quite easy to set-up and very user friendly. You should also choose wordpress hosting service depending on your needs. To get started with your blog, simply follow the steps below and enjoy blogging everyday.

1. First thing’s first – Download the WordPress installation pack.

You can get the file from WordPress’ site itself. Follow the instructions below provided that you already have a domain name and hosting up. If they’re ready, you should be ready to install WordPress on your server. If not, you have to contact a domain name registration and website hosting company to guide you through the whole process.

2. Install WordPress

With the information you got from your hosting provider, get the file you downloaded from WordPress’ site and install it from there. The installation process is going to be rather straightforward. You simply have to double click the file you uploaded and various screens will show up, walking you through the entire installation process. In case you are asked for information that you don’t know or don’t have, such as database username and password, your web hosting company should be able to help you with it.

3. Get ready to design your site.

After installing, the next thing you should do is to choose a theme. There are several WordPress themes to choose from. Simply pick the one you prefer and off you go. It is also possible for you to download themes from other sites or have a programmer customize one for you. Simply log-in to the dashboard and tweak your blog settings from there. Go to where it says Themes to check your options.

4. Add Plug-ins

Just like the theme, there are many plug-ins that you can download and install in your WordPress blog to make it more interesting to your viewers. Pick the ones from the WordPress library and install them accordingly. This step is done from the dashboard section as well. Simply look for the Plug-ins tab.

5. Get ready to blog.

Once you’ve achieved the look that you like for your blog, you should be ready to use it right away. Go back on the dashboard and click on the Add New Post link. In the next screen that will appear, type your very first blog post from there.

Once you have the hang of the dashboard’s interface, maintaining your blog is going to be a very easy feat. You can add pictures by simply clicking on the necessary icons found at the Add New Post section. You can also put in videos, texts, and almost any other things that you want to share with the rest of the world.

If you have any questions or problems with your blog, you can easily find the solution for it at WordPress’ site itself. Just search for the answers and you’ll surely find it. WordPress is a very easy platform to manage. Even webmasters with little knowledge with setting up a website will find it simple enough to learn.

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Terrence Barnes
Terrence Barnes

If you are thinking of starting your blogging inning then WordPress is certainly be the most suitable platform, as it is by far the most preferred and popular option among the users from round the globe. You can go through this amazing post to know about the procedures involved in creating a blog on the same. You may also consider for finding appropriate themes and plugins for your blog.

jan de graaf
jan de graaf

Thanks for this post currently i use Drupal. And i want to change to Wordpress. Got any tips on how to transfer all the data into Wordpress?

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