The NFL Truly Personalizes Email Marketing

First of all, I want to start of by saying that it is not my birthday today but I did want to share this awesome email that I received from the NFL. Many companies send out personal emails for customer birthdays, it’s nothing new, but I feel like the NFL really went above and beyond. Although their email system must be automated, they do a great job at making the shout out truly personal to the user and triggering the right reactions.

The first thing you notice is the huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! right there on the top in nice red letters. You then continue reading and notice that they are giving you 15% off your next purchase as a gift…yay! Oh and look at that, a nice personalized jersey image right there on the left side. They did not know this, but I was actually looking into buying a new Charger jersey and therefore this email may just make me pull the trigger right now instead of waiting for next season. Success for them. The email did its job. It makes one feel special and makes them consider buying a jersey or some other sort of team memorabilia.

Not only does the email shine focus on my birthday and the personal touch, but it provides some very direct and well placed call-to-actions. It has two big and clean buttons that allow you to go and take advantage of this 15% discount. BUY NOW. SHOP NOW. Hey you already know you have a 15% discount, why not go take a look at what products they have and see if there is something you need or like 🙂

Then they have a CTA that asks users to join the mailing list to get breaking news and the top headlines. As a football fan, don’t you want to know what’s going on around the league? Of course you do! Well the NFL has a way for you to stay updated and gets news right to your email!

I tip my hat to the NFL and their birthday email campaign because they do a great job at making their audience feel special while also pushing them to buy product or sign up for email updates. Nice work NFL!