The Simple Secret To Being A Great Marketer


In order for a company to truly thrive, it needs to have great marketing. That is a pretty simple conclusion. It’s not just enough to have a great product because without a solid marketing strategy, people may never discover what you have to offer. Now in order to have a solid marketing strategy, you need to be a great marketer. Marketing requires a lot of creativity, strategy and planning but there is one thing that separates a great marketer that cannot be taught – passion.

People have different opinions on what it takes to become a great marketer but passion is the one characteristic that can push you above the rest and help you market the crap out of your product.  A deep understanding of the product, a connection with the customers, a competitive spirit and all the other aspects described in Steve Tobak’s post are all very important but take a deeper a look at what they all stem from. I’m hoping you realized that it is passion. When you have passion for a product or a service that you truly believe in, you will go to the highest point to find a way to make sales. You know why the product is great, you know why people should use it and you know who would be perfect for it; all of this knowledge makes you that much more excited to sell the product.

The best way to explain this is through examples. If you are a young man that is really into sports and action, you are going to have a hard time marketing for a fashion or beauty company. That is obvious. If you are a social media nerd and are completely obsessed with this new social tool that was just released, I’m willing to bet that you know exactly why people should purchase the tool. Of course the greatest example is if you have developed your own product or company. It is your baby and you want to do whatever it takes to make this idea of yours succeed. You know everything about the product, you know every detail about how and why it is used, you must have made it for a specific audience and you have your whole heart in it. I am not saying that good marketing can not be done without passion because that is completely untrue. Any person can work their butt off to learn more about the product, the audience and all the factors that go into closing a sale but eventually they will need to believe in what they are selling.

There is much more to becoming a great marketer, but passion is the one thing that will set you above the rest. All the skills and tools you have gained through schooling or past experiences play an important role, but passion for what you are marketing is what will help weave everything together and push you to find the right ways to get your product out there into the market.


Totally! I think part of why having a passion for your product is so important is because consumers can sense BS. If even you don't believe what you're selling, why should they?


@anandp29 I totally agree with the bit on "Passion". Skills can always be taught. As marketers, we can learn anything we need to. By paying or at least by doing research, we have access to state-of-the-art tools. Passion is the only thing that can't be taught; it just has to come from within.

Years of sales experience only reinforces what you said here "Any person can work their butt off to learn more about the product, the audience and all the factors that go into closing a sale but eventually they will need to believe in what they are selling."

Great post, Anand :) Keep them coming :)

anandp29 moderator

@fetchprofits Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! Just in my few years of experience I have noticed how much easier it is to sell or market something that you actually believe in or use yourself and understand the importance of having it.


@anandp29 The importance of using products/services and then recommending them whole-heartedly is, in fact, the way affiliate marketing is being done online. If you don't use something, don't even talk about it -- seems to be the mantra now. Thanks to the ever discerning, information-loaded customers.