Use Your SEO Keyword Research To Become a Social Media Rockstar

It is no secret that social media can help with your SEO efforts, especially with increasing the amount of inbound links to your website. That is one of the beauties of online marketing, everything can really go hand in hand. But have you ever thought about the reverse situation? How can your SEO efforts help with your social media marketing? Well if you haven’t thought about it, you’re in luck because I’m going to explain how I believe you can use your SEO research to help with social media efforts.

One of the key steps in search engine optimization is doing some keyword research to pinpoint which keywords you want to target. The key to selecting the right phrases is to figure out which keywords will drive the most beneficial traffic. Simply put, you want to attract the right audience with keywords that will keep them on the site. If you did an amazing job with your research, the correct keywords will also lead to conversions on your website, whether that be financial (sales) or non-financial impacts.

Let’s better understand this with an example, and in this case we will use an athletic shoe store (first thing that popped into my head). So as an athletic shoe store owner, you would want your website to primarily sell shoes…duh! You’re top two goals would be to make e-commerce sales and/or push users to research the shoes and come in to the physical store to make a purchase (assuming this is not just an online based company). Your primary audience is going to be searching about fitness and the shoes that go along with this, for example: running shoes, athletic shoes, basketball shoes, or brand names of athletic shoes such as Nike, Adidas, etc. So as an athletic shoes website, you would want to rank for these specific keywords and phrases that you believe your audience will be searching in order to find new shoes. These targeted keywords will lead to more relevant searches and therefore, hopefully more sales.

For those new to SEO and keyword research, check out this great keyword research resource from SEOmoz and you can use the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool to help you research and pick the the phrases that will work best for you and your website.

Great, so now you have keywords and phrases that you truly believe will have a positive impact on your company or you’ve already had your SEO in place for some time and are already seeing the benefits. So now how can you flip the switch and use this research to help with your social media marketing?

With the world relying on social media so heavily, people use these avenues of communication to find out information and express themselves. People may tweet things like, “Can anyone recommend a good pair of running shoes?” or “What do you think of the new DRose Adidas basketball shoes?” How about that, these are all viable leads that could turn into sales. Yes, I may have made up those tweets but there are hundreds of similar posts and tweets all over the web. So it is time to take advantage of this.

You already have the keywords and phrases that you believe will lead to conversions, so set up a monitoring system within your social media platforms using those specific keywords. I wrote a post on why social monitoring is important for business and listed some tools to use, but the top free tools would be Google Alerts, Twitter Search and SocialMention.

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On a side note, I personally like using Hootsuite to setup a search or keyword stream so that I can continuously see the activity but you can also setup RSS and email alerts with other tools or use paid software to create saved keyword searches.

You have now taken all that SEO research, and used the keywords that you implemented on your website, to setup keyword monitoring around the web and social media. These same keywords that helped bring traffic and sales to your website can now be used to build engagements on social media that can lead to potential sales. Some quick advice though, do not go in straight for the kill. Remember that social media is more about communication than promotion, therefore you have to approach each tweet and post that your respond to with care. Try creating some conversation around the topic of interest before pushing your landing page or products.

This is still a fairly new process that I have begun using over the past few months so if you have any suggestions or advice, please feel free to leave them in the comments. What kind of results have you been seeing or are there any tactics related to this that you find work better?

Update: Check out this great post on how to find profitable keyword for your website and let it help you decide which keywords to focus on!


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