White-Label Agreement

The agreement should define the level of customer expectations. Are the customer`s expectations unreasonable? What do they need and can you meet those expectations? Insert a performance management section into the agreement. This section describes the results expected by the customer and whether you can provide these results. 5. training; End user support. (a) training. MTP provides the retailer`s sales and technical staff, through a web conference, with schedule A rates: (i) the number of basic training and training materials described in Schedule A, classified by MTP as MTP, to enable sales and reseller sales agents to learn about the skills and operation and support of the service. , to include the technical consulting and training services described in Schedule A, to ensure that the dealer has the internal skills and support of the service to ensure that the dealer has the internal skills and support of the service. to provide, among other things, adequate and adequate customer service. b) Technical assistance. MTP and resellers have the technical support obligations set out in Schedule B.

MTP is not obligated to send technical support directly to an end user unless the MTP and the reseller agree in advance that the reseller will provide that support. 6. Intellectual property rights. Between MTP and Reseller, DPW retains all rights, titles and interests on the service, service data, professional services and documentation, including all copies of the above in any form, form or form, regardless of whether they exist or exist or are developed at a later date. , including all intellectual property rights. Without limitation of the above, all developments, supplements, improvements, improvements or derivatives of the Service (excluding white label materials) developed by MTP and made available to end-users in accordance with this Agreement will be considered part of the Service, subject to the licenses presented in this contract. MTP reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the dealer. The reseller grants MTP an indeterminate, irrevocable, free and transferable license for the use of end-user data for all intents and purposes (and encourages each channel partner to grant). In addition to the licenses granted in this Agreement, the reseller reserves all rights, titles and interests on white-label materials and end-user data.

7. taxes; Prices; Credits and terms of payment. a) price. The reseller pays MTP the fee set out on the attached A calendar for MTP subscriptions and professional services. Unless otherwise stated in Schedule A, the DPW charges these taxes monthly to the reseller at the usual MTP rates at the time. (b) payment terms. All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars and do not include sales, usage, VAT or import taxes, customs duties or similar taxes that can be assessed by a jurisdiction.

The dealer must pay MTP within 30 days of receiving an invoice. c) non-payment measures. If the reseller does not fulfill an end-user`s payments (including non-payment of the reseller by the end user or the channel partner), MTP may suspend the end user`s access to the service and all other services that MTP makes available to it, in addition to any other recourse available to it and after written notification prior to the end user. If MTP disables access to the service in accordance with this section, the reseller or end-user may re-enter this access by paying all amounts incurred to MTP, including legal fees or other costs related to the recovery of unpaid funds. For reasons of clarity, all actions taken by MTP under this section 7 (c) do not release the reseller from the obligations arising from this agreement, and the reseller is responsible for all collection costs by end-users or channel partners, a