Why In The World I Compare Bloggers to Rappers


Tupac and Eminem may just be the two greatest bloggers of all-time and you definitely do not want to let Kanye West into his zone because he will out blog you any day. Okay, maybe I am just blowing this topic out of proportion but there are still many important similarities between rappers and bloggers. Hint: It is not that they both have diamond encrusted grills in their mouths.

So Fresh and So Clean

What is one thing that both rappers and bloggers have to do in order to stay relevant? They need to keep coming out with new, fresh content. Although Rolling Stone considers Eminem to be the King of Hip-Hop, we all now know that content is actually king! Yes, I did just compare this overly used, yet correct, saying with one of the greatest rappers of all-time.

Let’s be honest, most blog posts and most raps consist of recycled content and almost all bloggers (in a specific field) and all rappers talk about the same things. Social Media bloggers talks about how to use Social Media, ways to increase your following or the new hot topic, Pinterest (Hmm, maybe I should write a post on Pinterest too…). Rappers tend to talk about rollin’ on dubs, enjoying the company of a woman or having a crazy night out in the club. This is not completely a bad thing. Many of these blog posts get 1,000’s of hits while we have all heard these same generic sounding rap songs on the radio.

Coming up with fresh content is difficult and therefore it is completely understandable to write about topics that are common in the blogosphere, just try to add as much personality and flavor to it as you can. Almost every blogger and every rapper has had to do this at some point, but it is their original work that sets them apart from the rest.

I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air

“Now, this is the story all about how, my life got flipped-turned upside down…”

Umm…please do tell me about how your life got flipped-turned upside down! Sounds like a great story to me. The great rappers are able to tell a story with their songs (Note: I’m not calling Will Smith a great rapper) and that is how a blogger should approach writing a blog post. Most experts will tell you that it is important to tell a story when you write and this is proven by successful rappers. It is important for you to reach into your past experiences and find ways to relate your blog post to real life situations.

Who doesn’t want to hear a good story? You could sit there and drop facts on facts on facts, but the fact is that it will probably put people to sleep. People want something that they can relate to, they want oohs and ahhs. Nobody cares about how great your life is and all the cool things you have, they want to know about how you got to that point and how your life got flipped-turned upside down!

ti esrever dna, ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup i

Not sure if you noticed but in the song “Work It“, Missy Elliot put her thing down, flipped it, and reversed it. While most people thought it was just random gibberish, Missy Elliot and Timbaland had found a very creative way to add a new aspect into the song…they reversed part of the chorus.

With it being so difficult to create brand new, unseen before content, it is important to take advantage of any creativity that you may have. People like oohs and ahhs, and creativity can provide you with those. Having fresh content starts with creativity and even putting a spin on a regular topic requires some major creative thinking.

Almost every big idea in the world comes from a creative thought and blogging is no different. What kind of content do you usually share? I’m betting it is creative posts that shock you or are thought provoking, am I right? People do not want to see the same old thing and the only way to steer away from that is to add a little creativity into your writing.

I do it

I am still fairly new to this whole blogging thing and therefore am still working to perfect the art, but you can only get better if you put into action the tactics that help create good content. Some of my blog posts may suck but some, hopefully like this one,  are fresh and creative. If you’re not too big on the rap game, then you may have not noticed that each of my bolded headings are lyrics from actual rap songs. It is a small touch but adds a little creativity to a blog post that relates bloggers and rappers.

Now it is your turn to do it. Start writing fresh, creative posts that tell a story that people will actually want to read and hopefully it helps your blog build traffic and readership. The more you put it in practice, the more your writing will benefit and sooner or later, you may just put out a #1 hit!



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