Why You Should Be Blogging


I decided to start off my brand new blog with a post on why YOU should be blogging. I have been involved in the online marketing world for a few years now (so I’m fairly new) and have always opted against creating my own personal blog. So as Chris Brown would say – Look at me now! I’ve set up shop with my own personal blog with the hopes to feed you informative gibberish that will keep your entertained. There is a reason why I decided to create this blog and it is the same reason why I am suggesting that you start blogging also.

In every phase of life, you are judged by others and based upon a reputation. Were you the cutest baby in your parent’s friend circle? How about the coolest kid in elementary school through high school? Perhaps the best dressed or funniest? What about college…were you the smartest? Hey, maybe you were the most social? Are you important to your company or client, or are you just a body? I think you get the point. No matter what phase of life you are in, you are most likely building some sort of reputation. If you want to get picked first in the NBA draft, you need to prove that you the have skills worthy of that selection. This is exactly how it works in all other aspects of life. If you want to be known as being the best gardener out there or the most stylist fashion designer, you need to prove to the world that it’s true. Having your own blog does not do that. But it sure does help push things in the right direction.

So you set yourself up with a nice blog, then what? You cannot build the right reputation without having any influence, they both somewhat go hand in hand. This is what actually got me thinking and wondering; how do I even know that people will read my blog and how do I start building up readership? I am in this exact predicament right now so I do not have a clear cut solution to provide you with but I can guarantee you that if you put enough into it, slowly but surely your blog and presence will grow. If you consistently provide people with informative and interesting content, they will read it. Little by little, they will begin sharing your posts (so set up ways for them to share quickly) and months and months down the line, your blog may just be popular. It is by no means a quick or guaranteed process but it is time well worth investing.

I claim to do social media marketing but does that really mean anything to a client or company? If they haven’t heard of me, then probably not. Therefore, with the hopes of building a strong reputation in this field and industry, I plan on creating strong, informative content based around social media, analytics and online marketing. It may result in a huge following or it could have no affect and I could still just be another person in the crowd. This is a risk worth taking. So if you want to be known as being great at something or a thought leader in a certain field, take the risk and show the world what you got.


Looking forward to reading your insights Anand! Keep it up! :)

anandp29 moderator

@SharanK Thanks Sharan. Now it's time for the hard part... consistently writing quality posts!


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